Mar 30, 2013

Yaprak - Closet

As many  woman in my age, I have been growing up with barbie dolls and another cotton dolls those I can change cloths, accessory, hair and even made her furniture from some old boxes. That why since i have known Amigurumi, one of my dream project is to make my own doll and dress her as much as I can image.
Yes! she is my Yaprak the girl with changeable clothes. I have finished many outfits for her such as X'mas costume, Happy EasterPatrick's day, Easy day, etc.. but finally realized that I have forgotten one of the most important accessory for her, Closet.

So today Yaprak herself, is coming to introduce you her new closet, Enjoy it !

This is my pastel closet. Are you ready?

Taaa.. Daaa...
Am I a tidy girl ? :)

This is my green basket for some stuff that I can't hang them.
If you like my closet download now here for Free!

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