Jan 11, 2012

Water Group Zodiac

My Laziness still following me !!
i planed to review about my items
The cutiest Signs of Zodiac Amigurumi Collection more than 1 week before. T^T

Anyway, here is the first group of zodiac,

Water Element

Credit: http://astrology.about.com/od/foundations/p/WaterElement.htm

          "Water signs are attuned to waves of emotion, and often seem to have a built-in sonar for reading a mood. This gives them a special sensitivity in relationships, knowing when to show warmth and when to hold back. At their best, they are a healing force that brings people together -- at their worst, they are psychic vampires, able to manipulate and drain the life force of those closest to them.
Water signs are tuned into the many shades of meaning in relationships, and at times can absorb "vibes" from others. They have to work harder than other elements to maintain their personal boundaries."This Element include 3 zodiac signs below,

Pisces : The fish
between 20 February –20 March (Tropical zodiac(2011))

Scorpio : The Scorpion
between 23 October – 21 November (Tropical zodiac(2011))

                      Click for pattern

Cancer : The crab
between 21 June – 21 July (Tropical zodiac(2011))

                       CLICK for pattern

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