Jan 20, 2012

The very first Knitting doll

Rachel Borello Carroll for lovely PATTERN

I really not good in knitting ... even i done many of them but no, you can't called them "good" or "that not bad" or something positive. But i'm trying, i love knitting doll too.

Now i feel again first time that i finish my crochet doll, i made a small teddy bear that quite "ugly". But for me it such a lovely creature on earth. My husband asked me "Why you did mushroom instead lovely animal?" i never forget that question !!!

So i'm proudly present, MY PINK BEAR KNITTING DOLL a loveliest knitting doll in the knitting world!!

                                                                Yo What's up !!


Have a nice day!!


  1. Hello! I am not good at knitting too. :( but your knitted pink bear is so cute! <3 Knitting amigurumi has another type of feeling. ^^

  2. Thank you for Pink :) -- let's give a try for knitting doll.. kind of fun if i can do well. especially for big doll.