Dec 30, 2011

Before new year

New year is coming ...2 days more.

     Time is coming, Time to summery what you have done in life and what you gonna do after this.

     I do really happy with the way I'm using my life in 2011. I love myself that know how to love ppl around also how i got rid of many trouble with my brain not emotion. This year is the unforgettable year for me.   

     But only one thing i want to change it in next year... I'm really lazy one. i wish i will be better in 2012.  My Turkish and English better than this. New amigurumi design and many projects that i can't finish in this year can be done.

This is first project for 2012
                           Without my laziness. You will see them very soon.

Oh also my New year sale is valid 1st January. don't forget to drop by. 2 days to go !!!

See you !! Happy new year: wish you all the best luck.

Hope 2012 will be one more year for amigurumi :)

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