May 26, 2011

Kerori and friend

Kerori and friend3

a lovely frog with his friend (i still wonder what he is).. are character from Japanese animation, i never see it but i had saw many product from them.. such a lovely!!!

You can download free pattern follow this link

you will need PDF program for open it. Feel free to ask or advice me about pattern.. i will try to update new free pattern. if you like it please leave comment for me :) thanks!!!


  1. I don't know who are they either, but they are really cute <3

  2. How to make...

    a cow 30cm

  3. His name is kerori or tomorrow frog :)

  4. @Aida i checked the doll from your link .. it is copy right by owner i'm so sorry that i cant help

    @Vivian oh really thanks so much i really i him. :)

  5. love it!! I love amigurumi and this is very nice and well done!!